The Electric Universe

The Electric Universe is a variant of Plasma Cosmology, and it is necessary to differentiate between the two. While they share more similarities than differences, it should be noted that EU ideas tend to go a step further than the generally more conservative approach of Plasma Cosmology.

While both viewpoints permit many ideas previously excluded by Big Bang Cosmology, The Electric Universe looks at the bigger picture, and promotes more radical ideas about the role of electricity in the universe, from ancient mythology to the mind-body connection.

Both PC and EU proponents acknowledge the fact that space is NOT electrically neutral, a fact largely denied in conventional astronomy.


Cosmology in Crisis Part I

Cosmology in Crisis Part II

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View the Thunderbolts Of The Gods video.

A condensed version of the Electric Comet. A very good short insight.

This is the first of a six part set on the Electric Universe theory. Subsequent links are below this part.

Debunking Misconceptions About The Electric Universe.

This is the first of a six part set on Electric Comets – part of the Electric Universe theory. Subsequent part links are below this.

Mainstream astronomy is beginning to take on board plasma cosmology and the electric universe theories as this abstract suggests and in which Thornhill is mentioned and credited. As the older dyed-in-the-wool astronomers of ‘the establishment’ grow old, retire and die off there may be a place for new theories. There is absolutely no place in my mind for the sort of closed minded hide bound behaviour that engenders this kind of knee jerk reaction to a new theory that is viewed as a threat. We have seen this time and time again is so many spheres, especially where a new idea threatens the funding and livelihood, and cosy club atmosphere, of the mainstream scientists who have completely forgotten that science is about questioning all that is around us.

Maybe NASA is beginning to come round? This video, with it’s mention of magnetic propagation / reconnection of both comet and solar CME interacting could be an indication. is your one-stop-NON-shop for all the links you’ll ever need for exploring plasma cosmology (PC), our electric universe (EU), and almost anything else even remotely related to the electrical nature of space, climatology and our Earth.