End Of The World?

This page is dedicated to End of the World scenarios! NOT! Well maybe not! Well I hope not 😦


Asteroid Apophis will not hit Earth but it will be very close in 2013.

Asteroid Apophis will get to within 0.1 AU of Earth in January of the year 2013. In late 2012 and early 2013, Apophis will be observable using both optical and radar equipment. That will be a very exciting time for astronomers, and for the rest of us! Apophis is expected to be visible to the eye alone in the night skies of Europe, Africa, and western Asia, a first for an asteroid in recorded history (as far as we know). Yeomans said:

In fact it will get beneath the geosynchronous satellites [which are 22,000 miles up], the same satellites that are probably used to beam your radio signals to your listeners. So that’s kind of exciting. But it won’t hit the Earth.

Now am I mistaken here? 0.1 AU is NOT 22,000 miles. I make that 2.365e-4 AU, or 0.0002365 AU 😮

JPL database entry
Some further reading. Good blog with diagrams and pictures.


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