Update to Another spotless day – another one!

A second Spotless day is recorded by the LSC which uses the same method as Wolf would have used in the 19th century. The solar funk continues.

See also yesterday’s post Another spotless day close to Solar Max

So close to or on Solar Max this is a serious situation, especially for warmists as it is very obvious that we are heading into a Landscheidt (Maunder) minimum. It is extremely unlikely that for the next couple of decades ANY reductions in CO2 in the atmosphere from anthropogenic sources will be likely. The power stations will be running, the wind turbines may not depending on how cold and how the jetstream affects high pressure in the Northern Hemisphere, and folks will be trying to keep warm.

Already we are seeing headlines such as:

Cold snap devastates New Zealand vineyards or if that one is not working (I had some problems earlier) use the original.

Gibbston Valley and Central Otago viticulturist and consultant Timbo Morrison-Deaker described the damage as “particularly ugly” and the worst he could recall. “Gibbston as a sub-region looks 40% gone and Lowburn is about 25% gone. Those are significant figures.”

The severe weekend frosts follow a disastrous Northern Hemisphere season, reportedly the worst in 50 years, and had already led to predictions of a worldwide shortage of grapes, said Mr Morrison-Deaker.

Better stock your wine cellar now!!

A commonly viewed graph of sunspot cycles shows a Maunder Minimum. This offering is from Global Warming Art (a site I do NOT endorse but acknowledge that they do show ranges of possibilities) and shows data to 2000.

(Click the Image for a slightly larger/clearer version)

Remember as always that this data is seriously skewed by the departure from comparing like for like, i.e. not adhering to sunspot counts ‘a la Wolf’ and of course does not have the most recent data.

This is the sunspots at Solar Max of the last cycle (23)

Compare this to 2012 so far which is supposed to be at or approaching Solar Max


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