Elenin Passes Perihelion

Well she is on her way towards us now and has just reached/passed perihelion – the closest point in her orbit to the Sun as she swings round ready for the outward journey into the far reaches of the Solar System, passing us, and out beyond that never to be seen again.

Nothing has changed in the close approach data from <a href="“> the JPL database for Elenin

Here is the current position as at 14th September. I may track her incoming every few days from now on just for the record

Here is a slightly different view where it is easier to see Earth

As far as us intersecting the tail of the comet I am of a mind to think that perhaps the pundits have it wrong. They look at the orbital diagram and say we will intersect around November the 4th, but I think that is wrong. A comet’s tail points away from the Sun therefore surely we will be in line with the tail (See note below the image) in about 2 weeks time on or around the 25th September. Just my uneducated 2c.

Note: Elenin tail length on 21 August: 3,000,000 km (Source)

Elenin-Earth distance on 26 September: 0.395 Au = 59,091,159 km

Even at closest approach it will be around 35,000,000 km

So we won’t pass through it even if we are ‘in line’

No more news seems to be available on the possible break up. Maybe it was just the alien fleet manoeuvring into position! 🙂 🙂


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