Irish Astronomy – WRONG!!

I have just been told that Irish Astronomy has told our local radio station Mid West Radio that you cannot see an aurora from Mayo in Ireland.

What!! Total durr-brains!! Not only have I seen an aurora in Mayo a few years ago, it is perfectly possible on the rare night that conditions are right.

Apparently this arose as the result of a sighting (that unfortunately I missed) and the radio contacted them and the reply was that you cannot see the aurora from Ireland, only from Scotland. Total idiots. You can, I have, and tell that to the people of Donegal for example who have posted pictures on

Whilst it is unlikely that it was an aurora it is just possible. See for the 22nd August 2011

Oh and in case you wonder? Yes I do know what an aurora looks like. I have seen green ones and red ones during the time I lived in Scotland, and on was the most stupendous sky full of red and pink curtains. A stunning display I shall never forget.

EPIC FAIL Irish Astronomy!


Eat your hearts out Irish Astronomy!


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2 Responses to Irish Astronomy – WRONG!!

  1. I know this is an old post but,,,

    If you check out the Irish Astronomical Association(IAA) website or their Facebook page you can find many photos of Aurora taken in Donegall and in N.Ireland also. Although the group’s name is similar they are based around Belfast and are a totally seperate group from Irish astronomy.

    • PuterMan says:

      I would agree but I think you missed the point. They told my local radio station that you could not see aurorae from Ireland. That was wrong. The local station told the woman who reported the sighting that it could not have been an aurora because of what they were told.

      What particularly annoyed me is that I have seen an aurora in Mayo and quite high in the sky (Hate to think what the KP index was that night). Regrettably I did not record the date of the event.

      Thanks for your comment. Appreciated.

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