Comet Elenin Is Coming

Source: SOTT

It is called Elenin since it was discovered by Leonid Elenin. I expect the internet to soon be ringing with rumors and news bytes about this comet. For now, there isn’t much to say so I’m sharing what I’ve received in private from an astronomer at a big observatory that shall remain anonymous for the moment. He says:

1. It is too early to accurately predict the future path – it’s orbital parameters haven’t been revised.

2. Among the observable hyperbolic and parabolic comets (those that come from the Oort cloud) this one has the smallest perihelion distance and the smallest inclination to the ecliptic plane.

3. Comet Elenin’s orbit may be unstable as it may encounter some dark bodies, for example, in the asteroid belt or even some Taurid objects. What would happen in those cases is a matter of luck.

4. This comet may carry a significant amount of material with it and if it follows the currently projected orbit, the Earth may very well pass through this material.

5. If Elenin is anything like what Victor Clube or James McCanney describes, we might be in for some surprises – good or bad, who knows?

When this was first discovered in December last year it was calculated that it would pass 8.8 Au (8.8 times the distance of the Sun from us) away. Now today the orbital calculation is down to 0.24 Au with a minimum as low as 0.15. This is being re-calculated all the time and could get even closer but it depends what it encounters with the Taurid meteor belt (See image below).

The Moon is 0.00256 Au from us to give you a comparison.

You should be aware the this comet could bring debris with it and we will pass through the debris trail ā€“ if it exists ā€“ around the 6th November 2011.


Closest approach of Comet Elinin

Another image that possibly shows it better and shows the debris trail from asteroids that this comet has to pass through on it’s way to it’s rendezvous with us!

Comet Elenin intersects the Taurids

Comet Elenin intersects the Taurids

On current calculations we should intersect the possible debris trail on the 6th November this year.

Elenin orbital intersect

Elenin orbital intersect on 6th Nov 2011

Could this new long period comet (?) be the origin of the stories of Nibiru? Could this be the Blue Star Katsina of the Hopi prophecy despite the fact the the Mayans have accepted Comet Holmes as the Blue Star?

What intrigues me is that there are so many of these stories from times past that I tend to think that there must be something in them.

We have heard of these stories and it looks as if at least in some respects we are going to see if they are true! Does the period of this comet happen to be around 3,600 years I wonder?

Now I know that this has only recently been discovered but has it? Is this the reason the elites are getting ready for something?

Sorry, tinfoil hat off now. Yes it is certainly going to be very interesting this year!

Update to add a link to the Laura Knight Jadczyk blog. She was the person who authored the post on SOTT referred to above.

Leonid Elenin discovered it…Can you remember the name of the boy who discovers the comet in Deep Impact? Yeah, its LEO. You have to be kidding! There are too many coincidences turning up with this thing! That make my blood go cold. I know it is only a film but who knows from whence the inspiration? What ethereal influences upon the writer?

More interesting information here on space obs


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5 Responses to Comet Elenin Is Coming

  1. Pavel Smutny says:

    Look at comet Elenin,…orbit, direction of arrival to perihelia, nearly identical with X-Nibiru?! It is (in JPL orbit simulator) possible to see too,…Is it Nibiru or it’s satellite which,….

    compare it with results of my research on

  2. fleaxy says:

    I found this really interesting,if u youtube fema coffins,,u will see the getting ready for mass casualties,for one reason or another,ummmm????

    • PuterMan says:

      Hi, yes the question of the FEMA coffins is an interesting one, but I don’t think it has anything to do with Comet Elenin.

      Unless someone comes up with a vastly different calculation, that is credible, it is fairly certain that Elenin is around 4 km across and will pass many millions of miles form us. Disappointing, but that is the way it is!

  3. Amanda perez says:

    what kind of things will we need to survive if there is impact of elinin?

    • PuterMan says:

      Amanda first let me assure you there will be no impact from Elenin, or what is left of her. The question of survival after a large meteor impact is an interesting one however, which I am not really qualified to answer, other than to say to you and anyone else that to survive you need knowledge.

      You need to know, even if only for a temporary period, how to find food and what you can and cannot eat in your local area. And you need to know about water supplies. There are many good internet sites and books available on this subject. As I say, I believe knowledge is the means to survival.

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